Commas in Lists


Commas are used when you list out three or more items in a sentence. This is called a simple series or a list. When writing a simple series, there are three things you must remember.

  1. A list contains three or more items (these items can be single words or groups of words).

  2. The list is connected by and, or, or nor between the last two items (this sentence even contains a list!).

  3. There are commas between each of the items in the list.

Take a look at the sentences below.

My best friends are David, Ellie, Aaron, Penelope, and Tracy.

I told my mother that she could buy apples, oranges, kiwis, or lemons at the store.

Tomorrow I want to buy clothes, go to Dairy Queen, and see a new movie.

Neither rain, sleet, nor hail will stop us from going on the trip.

If you only have two items in your list, you do not need commas.

I ate pizza and salad for lunch. (no commas needed)


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