Fiction: Setting, Characters, Events, Main Ideas, Supporting Details, etc.

There are many parts to every fictional story! A fictional story is one that is not based on facts and the content is made up by the writer.

Let’s look at a story and try to identify the parts of the story.

Ellen Montgomery lives in Pullman, Washington. She wants an expensive racing bicycle, but does not have enough money to buy it. She works for eight months after school and weekends in a supermarket to earn the money to buy it. When she has just saved enough money to buy the bicycle, the money is stolen from her house. Ellen then works another six months in the bicycle shop. She is finally able to buy the bicycle, and she becomes a state champion bicycle racer.

Setting? Pullman, Washington

Characters? Ellen Montgomery

Events? Working in a supermarket, money stolen from her house, working in a bicycle shop, becoming a state champion bicycle racer

Main ideas? Ellen wants a racing bicycle but doesn’t have enough money. She works at a supermarket to earn the money but the money stolen as soon as she earns enough. Ellen works in a bicycle shop, buys the bike with that money to become a champion racer.

Supporting ideas? Setting, length of time that she works, location of money stealing

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