Me vs I

What's the Difference?

"I" is used when it represents the main subject of a sentence.

This usually means the person is actively performing an action.

For example:

I did my homework.

I played some games.

I liked the flowers.

I went to the theater with Bob.

Bob and I went to the theater.

"Me" is used when it represents a direct or indirect object in a sentence.

It is usually something the verb is "talking" about. Me should answer "whom?" "to whom? or "for who" in the sentence.

For example:

Casey gave me and Sarah his books.

This gift is for me.

She told me to go away.

Do you want me to help?

The ball fell on me.


Overall, it depends on the pronoun type!

"I" is the subject.

"Me" is the object.

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