They're, Their, There

What's The Difference?

They’re is a contraction

They’re = they are

Their is a possessive adjective

It refers to something other people have or own

There is an adverb/pronoun

Adverb: That place (not here)

Pronoun: Something exists


They’re + adjective

They’re happy = they are happy

They’re tall = they are tall

They’re busy today = they are busy today

They’re + verb (-ing) (action)

They’re learning English = they are learning English

They’re eating pizza = they are eating pizza

Their + noun (thing/things/person/people)

Their father is tall

Their friends are here

They won their game

*There is never an “s” at the end of “their” when it is followed by a noun*

Yes: Their book

Yes: Their books

NO: Theirs book

There is the opposite of here

The keys are there (not here)

There + is/are (something exists)

There is a pen in my bag

There were pandas in the zoo

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